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How to Use Flower Essences for Animals

Flower essence therapy is a non-toxic form of complementary or alternative medicine originally developed to tend to emotional and mental imbalances in humans. Today, vets and other animal health practitioners have embraced the usage of this natural remedy on animals.

Flower essences can be used on your horse, bird, dog, cat, or ferret. Still, this therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatment plans your animal is on without causing any interference.

So, how can one administer flower essence to an animal to ensure all negative emotions are healed, and the animal is redirected to a positive position?


Flower Essences Therapy

Flower essences are water-based preparation specially extracted from flowers of certain plants. This therapy's main objective is to heal or eradicate stress inside an animal's body.

The first person credited with using flower essence is Dr. Edward Bach. Bach, a physician and bacteriologist, believed that negative emotional states affect the body’s physical state.

And any emotional imbalances like fear, anger can trigger physical ailments. Dr. Bach believed that if these negative emotions could be treated, any physical ailments would disappear.

Dr. Bach, who was not a fan of conventional medication, started exploring various substances made from flowers.

He developed 38 formulations of flower essences that would help with emotional and behavioral problems in animals and people. 

One of the most widely known flower essences combinations is the rescue remedy. This remedy consists of cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose, and star of Bethlehem.


How to Administer Flower Essences for animals

Oral Route

The best way to administer flower essences for animals is by the oral route.  Fetch the tincture with a dropper and squirt a few drops in your animal's mouth.

The best dosage for flower essence on your animal will vary according to its size.

  • Horses, pigs, and big dogs can be given 4-5 drops.
  • Small dogs, ferrets, and cats can be given 2- 4 drops.
  • Birds can be given 1-3 drops depending on their size.
You can give the animal 2-4 drops every 10- 15 minutes for acute situations. Repeat the dosage until your pet stabilizes.

Add Flower Essences to the Drinking Water

If the oral route is not convenient, you can add flower essence to the animal's drinking water. Don't mind; even if it's a large water bowl or bucket, further dilution won't dampen the functionality of this therapy?

Still, remember to add a few drops anytime you have to change your pet's water.

And if you have multiple pets sharing the same bowl, there is no need to separate them. An animal with no emotional need or behavioral problems won't be affected if it drinks water from this bowl that has this therapy.

Using Flower Essence as Mist

Flower essences for animals can be used as a mist and be effective. If you have a tincture of this essence, first dilute it.

First, have a spray bottle with about 8 ounces of spring water. Then add 3-5 drops of the essence.

Afterward, start spraying 3-4 feet away from your pet. Avoid spraying the dog's eyes.

Instead, you can spray the animal's skin, paws, and tails.

You can spray the animal beddings, favorite toys, or favorite perching position.

Administer Topically 

Another way to administer flower essence is by dabbing it on your animal's body. Use a sponge to apply this therapy behind your dog's ears, nose, and tail. You can apply the flower essence to your hands and start massaging on your animal's body.

You can also add flower essence to your animal bathtub during bathing time. 


Put It on Your Dog's Food or Kibble 

Although not considered much effective, you can give your animal flower essence by adding it to your animal food. Either add a few drops to your animal's food or apply it to your pet's treat.  

So why is this route deemed ineffective? Homeopaths believe that all homeopathic remedies should never be given 10 minutes before or an hour after a meal. And flower essence is no exception.

So, only resort to this option if other ways seem ineffective for your animal.

Tips on Using Flower Essences for Animals

Here are some of the best tips that will see your pet get the most out of flower essences.

  • More quantity does not mean improved efficacy. Instead, focus on giving your animal flower essences frequently.
  • Prioritize the oral route before you opt for other ways to administer flower essence.
  • If your pet is not responding positively, try other flower essences for animals that will perhaps address the present psychological and emotional imbalance.
  • Don't freeze flower essences.
  • Keep flower essence for animals away from direct sunlight or any heat source. Flower essence functions through vibrational energy, which might be ineffective if exposed to sunlight or heat.
  • Don't contaminate the tip of the dropper by touching it or letting it touch your animal's mouth. These surfaces may contain contaminants that can shorten the flower essences' lifespan.

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Final Thoughts

Many studies have shown that animals respond well to flower essences. The positive thing about this natural therapy is that it can be used with other treatment plans and has no known side effects

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