About Us

Understanding Our Formulas

To best understand how these formulas work requires a recognition that the body is more than just a physical form. Our form contains a “body” of life energy as well. In Chinese culture it’s called Chi; in Hawaiian culture – Mana. Whatever you choose to call it, this Energy runs through every living thing.

We live in a time of increased energy disruptions, be it environmental, dietary, or a multitude of other stressors. Our animal friends are experiencing the same energy disruptions as we are. This continual disruption often leads to illness and imbalance. Our formulas are designed to help balance and restore the body’s natural resilience and address the underlying aspects of the disease in ways that conventional medicine cannot.

Flower Essences are not medicines in the ordinary sense. They are vibrational, not chemical, and are part of a larger category of healing known as Energy or Vibrational Medicine. Flower Essences are a natural and unique form of Energy Medicine that have exceptional healing properties. Although the deep healing properties of plants have been recorded since ancient times, the modern use of Flower Essences began in the early 1930’s, through the discoveries and extensive research of Dr. Edward Bach, a British medical doctor.

“I use Solara Energetics formulas on a daily basis in my practice. I’ve been using them since 2013. They work beautifully and I can’t recommend them enough!”

-Mathew Didlake D.V.M.

Our formulas work on a quantum level, through the body’s innumerable networks of energy systems, to revitalize and balance the Life Force. That Force is the underlying process responsible for maintaining health and wellness in both humans and animals on every level. They work to bring the body’s mental, emotional, and physical elements into equilibrium, by addressing the underlying cause of illness and not merely the symptoms.

“Energy Medicine is the future of health.”

– C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.